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Classes for Teens & Adults

Ballet for Kids

(ages 5-10)

Our #squad teens start here... Beginning teens with little-no experience. Learn Ori Tahiti traditional dances, drumbeats, terminology and commands. Low-med impact. Advancement opportunities into Interm/Adv (Vahine II).  Performance opportunities.


Beginner Tahitian for Women

(ages 13+)

Vahine I.  For women beginners, prior students of all ages. Learn Tahitian traditional dances, terminology and commands. Fun, friendly, socially interactive class with dance steps that are low-med impact. Advancement opportunities into Vahine II with performance opportunities.


Advanced/Interm. Tahitian Dance

(ages 13+)

Prerequisite: Prior dance experience or Vahine I with competition and/or performance experience. This is a fast-paced class, you should be in good physical health and stamina.  Focus of technique and skills while opening your creativity.  Learn & rehearse different variations and choreography routines of both the Otea and Aparima. ​ Studio A.


Golden Grace

(Women 21+)

For our mature women 21+, no prior experience.  Learn traditional dance steps, focus on expression & grace. Slow paced & easy on joints. Wonderful class to slowly build memorization of Polynesian music & dance.  Performing opportunities.


Aito Tane - Warrior Men

(ages 13+)

Calling all warriors of all ages!  Learn traditional Tahitian dance steps, haka basics and increase Ori stamina. Discipline, teamwork and proper basic techniques are taught.  Physical strength and endurance are pushed to the limits.  


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