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taere tiai

Over 10 years of dancing fun! As an award-winning dance group, we emphasize on working towards inspiring and encouraging cultural awareness in our community’s youth in a fun and creative way.  

Today, we continue to spread the love of the Polynesian culture through tradition, music and dance.


We offer dance training for our young kids, beginner, competitive or a Wedding Dance, we make a tailored program just for you.  Our teaching method uses Private, Group and Party sessions to form well rounded confident dancers.  If you have an affinity for the South Pacific Islands, then try this!


What are you doing today? We have group classes from beginner to advanced and everything in between.  Contact us for recommendations.


Mana (energy) within comes from what you see, what you hear and what you feel. This is the founding principle of Taere Tiai. We believe that the raw form of dance development is infinitely enhanced by the organic sound of the wood and strings, by being grounded to the floor.  Find your mana today!

Meet Our Team

Polynesian music & dance was instilled in Marie at a very young age.  Through the years of connecting with the culture, it wasn't until her first journey to Tahiti that led her to discover her true lineage of Polynesian descent.  Since the inception of studio, her family continues to dedicate their time into further studies to gain more insight & knowledge of the many facets of Polynesia.  Their work is a clear reflection of love & dedication to this culture & to their students.


About Marie

At a very young age Cara Mia began her cultural journey and took to it very quickly. Her passion and love for Ori has graced many dance floors across the world, Tahiti and her islands.  As a multi-award winning soloist, Cara Mia has also co-directed many group performances and competitions. She continues to teach and share her experience and love of Ori Tahiti with Ta’ere Tia’i students. ​

Cara Mia

About Cara Mia

Lorie Anne began Tahitian dancing when she was just 3 years old. She developed strength and artistic creativity to become an impressive multiple Overall award-winning dancer from competitions such as Kiki Raina, Heiva i Reno and Manahere I Ori Tahiti. In 2014, she traveled to Tahiti to culturally strengthen her knowledge of the islands and its people. Lorie now brings her art and dedication to Ta’ere Tia’i.


About Lorie

With over 10 years of experience in Tahitian dance and as a professional dancer, Raven brings her talent of grace, her wisdom of dance, and her glowing personality.  Her love for the culture shines through in her art of movement.  We are pleased to have Raven a part of our Team!


About Raven

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